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Thank You!

To those who read my first Wholesome Food blog post thank you! I appreciate the encouragement and messages… thank you so much!
A comment made several times was, it’s actually so simple!

Yes. That’s what I was hoping for. I have many discussions with people about health, diets, concepts like clean eating, superfoods, protein, carbs, fats, minerals, intuitive eating and the default response is a blank thousand mile stare accompanied by the occasional nod.

The health market has cluttered our understanding with different viewpoints and has interpreted information through their diet or product. There is so much information but very little understanding.



Empowered with Knowledge

For many people, a simple understanding of the basic building blocks of health and nutrition is enough to empower them. We don’t need to be told what to eat. We need to be empowered with knowledge to make our own choices of what our bodies naturally want to eat.

The heart of this blog is not to sell you a diet or a product, but to empower you to make informed decisions. So, I am writing to you,

  • the young person, who gets hit with magazine covers of how to lose 5 kg in a week,
  • the mom, overwhelmed with the many different “how you should” feed your kid books,
  • the 60-something grandpa who wants the energy to play with his grand kids.

Like our philosophy towards food, I hope to keep this blog raw, clean, unprocessed, information which is easy to digest and leaves you feeling energised and empowered.


Highlight: spending several months sharing my passion for healthy eating with my dad (he is my number 1 guinea pig) he lost 6 kg in 7 weeks. He did not follow a diet. He did not take any pills or other diet products. He was simply informed and empowered (and sometimes coached) to make better choices! He now understands the basics of nutrition, and his food choices have changed. He has more energy than he has had in years and feels great! This is exciting for me! Go DAD!!

I try keep the posts simple, real and easy to read. There may be a spelling mistake or two (for those of you, who picked up the Trance Fats).

If you have a young person, friend or colleague who might benefit from this information, please send it to them or subscribe here.

You can read the first Fats blog here. I will be covering Carbs next.