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How To Avoid Yo-Yo Dieting

A yo-yo dieting mindset is something we never intend when we start a diet. When we first sign up to the latest and greatest dieting plan, it really is with all of our best intentions. We also genuinely believe in the results we’ve witnessed others achieve and find ourselves spending a lot of money on supplements (depending on the diet plan).

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5 Guidelines To Intuitive Eating

5 guidelines to intuitive eating

With a lot of conflicting movements in the health dialogue over the past little while, we at Wholesome Food have settled in on the concept of intuitive eating.

Intuitive eating is a lifestyle take on health, more than a set of rules to follow, and foods to avoid. It is based on the foundational idea that you know best what your body needs most.

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How Your Body Deals With Stress

Do you find yourself feeling stressed as we get closer and closer to the end of the year? There may be huge deadlines to hit, goals to reach, school years to conclude and farewells to be had. Maybe you are feeling like you’re reaching the end of a marathon, and just thirsty for the finish line. We totally get it and believe it or not, so does your body.

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Pumpkin Pie: The Wholesome Way

Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated each year by many different countries across the globe. Traditional pumpkin pies, pumpkin spiced lattes and the feelings of the ‘fall’ season may be what happens in other countries, but as South Africans, I’m sure we can hop on the bandwagon as we celebrate spring and give thanks!

We thought we would share an awesome pumpkin pie recipe with you to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, or even ‘friends giving’ if that’s your thing.

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Healthy Christmas Pie Recipe

What is Christmas, without some deliciously traditional and healthy Christmas pies? These delicious creations are a staple in our households each year. They are super fun to bake, if you have kids, get them baking with you in the holidays. Not only is it a great way to bond with them but it also gets them excited about learning new things in the kitchen.

(This recipe mades 6 -8 delicious mince pies)

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7 Ways To Balance Blood Sugar

You may be asking, why should I balance my blood sugar? How does this even affect me? Or you might be seriously needing some help in balancing your blood sugar! Either way, we aim to lighten your load, by making it easier for you to incorporate healthy habits into your normal lifestyle.

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Where Are Additives Found?

wf additives

Have you ever wondered why people say MSG is bad for you? Well, it is an additive, and we thought it might be helpful to unpack this concept a little! 

In our previous blog for this month, we shared what preservatives are and what kinds of ailments they have been known to cause. In this blog, we want to remind you of the heart behind sharing this well-researched information, before we explore what additives are and how they affect our body’s natural state. 

The heart of the Wholesome Food blog is to bring the right information to your inbox so that you can make wise decisions about food for you and your family.

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