Almond Butter Bombs (6x60g)


Almond Butter Balls have been carefully crafted as an easy “on the go” snack. These balls have a complete carbohydrate, protein, fat ratio, leaving you feeling full and satisfied.

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Almond Butter Bombs

Quick on the go Snack

Almond Butter Balls are carefully crafted as an easy “on the go” snack. These balls have the optimal carbohydrate, protein and fat ratio and also leave you feeling full and satisfied.

One of my biggest frustrations trying to eat healthy, is when out and about. There are not often healthy food choices on offer. I want something that doesn’t cost a fortune, is small enough to pop in my bag and also something my kids would love.

Healthy Fat

Almond Butter contains healthy fats and protein giving one that full feeling. There are many Almond Butters on the market with preservatives, added oils and salt. The Almond Butter we use in our balls is pure roasted almonds and NOTHING else. Just 100% Pure Almond Butter.

Healthy Carbohydrate

The Rolled-Oats is a brilliant source of carbohydrate, vitamins and minerals. According to Healthline oats contains

  • Manganese: this trace mineral is important for development, growth and metabolism.
  • Phosphorus: An important mineral for bone health and tissue maintenance.
  • Copper: An antioxidant mineral that is often lacking in the Western diet. Copper is also important for heart health.
  • Vitamin B1: Also known as thiamine.
  • Iron: A component of hemoglobin, a protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood, iron is absolutely essential in the human diet.
  • Selenium: An antioxidant, important for various processes in the body.
  • Magnesium: Often lacking in the diet, this mineral is important for numerous processes in the body.
  • Zinc: A mineral that participates in many chemical reactions in the body and is important for overall health.

Oats is known to lower cholesterol levels, and is a great gluten free alternative.

Healthy Protein

Pea Protein is a natural plant-based protein, with no gluten, preservatives or additives in it. These little balls are as healthy as possible and also taste superb. They are a great hit in my house, especially in lunch boxes!


Rolled oats, Almond Butter, Pea protein powder, Honey, Goji berries

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